How to Boost Immunity With Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Franchise India TodayAs the weather changes again, illnesses and fevers will spike up. You will then rush to the pharmacy and tank up on different medicines, the fever will eventually subside. Till the circle starts once again there is a change in weather or you are exposed to some pathogen. Meanwhile, the antibiotics will bring down your immunity, your productivity will be effected and you will spend a few miserable days!

The only solution to this is to boost your immunity levels. Ayurvedic franchise India today are developing drugs that can boost our immunity. Together with the right lifestyle, we can protect our’s and our family’s health.

Immunity and Ayurveda

Immunity is the shield every body has against illnesses. It is a shield we develop over years with the genes we inherit, the food we eat and the lifestyle we follow. But it is also something that we can develop. Frequent illness is not the only symptom that shows low immunity. Chronic tiredness, waning attention can all indicate falling levels of immunity.

Unlike allopathy Ayurveda does not see immunity as a quick fix solution. Here we take a holistic look at our health and immunity is the result of an overall quest for good health. It is the product and not the target.

The Function of Ojas

In Ayurveda immunity is the function of the mysterious ojas. In simple terms, it represents the inner vitality, life juice, vigour or life sap that is present in our body. This is both a subtle and all-encompassing concept. It is the essence of kapha — the element in our body responsible for vitality, movement, strength and immunity.

Ojas comes from the seven tissue layers of our body. These are rakta (blood), rasa (lymph), asthi (bone), majja (bone marrow), mamsa (muscle), medha (fat), and shukra (reproductive matter). These layers are connected to each other and together they build ojas or our immunity.

It is important to note here that ojas is developed with the essence of all our major organs and systems. It is organic, that is, it must come from within and it envelops our body. But more importantly, it requires a consistent effort to maintain sustainable health. It also includes our mental and spiritual health.

Building ojas hence, covers all aspects of our body, strengthening its physicality from within. It also builds a balanced mental health, contentment and happiness. Research shows how these mental and psychological aspects are just as important in maintaining our body and immunity.

Here are some ways of building immunity with Ayurveda:

Warm oil massage: Massage the body daily with warm oils like sesame oil. This strengthens our muscles and bones as well as nourishing the tissues. We can easily get different massage oils from any Ayurvedic franchise India.

Right diet: The Ayurvedic diet is meant to strengthen the body from within, building our immunity block by block till it becomes a strong wall. The diet emphasises on whole foods. The important concept here is to eat with mindfulness. That is, pay attention to what you are eating, how you chew food and swallow it. The art of eating is considered an important aid to its digestion. Some Ayurvedic food tips are:

  • Garlic: Garlic boosts immunity. It destroys the toxins in our body, supports our lungs and the various systems that form our immune systems.
  • Eat light meals.
  • Eat warm food and avoid cold food.
  • Avoid sweet foods.
  • Spices have an important role in boosting the digestive system. Common spices we use in our cooking like cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, cardamom are very beneficial.
  • Herbs such as tulsi, triphala, ashwaghanda are also very vital in maintaing our immunity. Formulations like chyawanprash that combine many of these elements are sold by many Ayurvedic franchises India and are easily available.

Exercise: This is important for keeping us fit, toning muscles, improving blood flow, reducing weight and increasing our energy levels. Ayurveda recommends yoga for its holistic approach towards health. Yoga not only exercises the body, it also calms the mind and makes our body more flexible.

Do meditation: Research shows that meditation has multiple effects on our health — reducing stress, improving immunity, energy levels and bringing a sense of happiness.

With Ayurvedic franchise India offering a host of immunity-boosting products, there is really no excuse for ignoring your health. So, start on a health regime now to avoid complications later.

Ayurvedic industry in India: An overview

The classical texts of Ayurveda were teachings of Gods to learned saints and sages. These were then taught to the physicians who treated the general population. These were then divine directions for the wellbeing of the human population. Whatever its origins — divine or otherwise — in India Ayurveda is still one of the most trusted and widely followed systems of medicine.


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Why You Should Open a Franchise Pharma Company in India

With the Indian pharmaceutical sector on a boom, this is the right time to invest in it. Over the last decade we have seen the sector multiply its international sales volume, becoming a dominating player in the global market. Today we are working harder to achieve the same success in terms of higher value. In fact, the Indian market has seen a revival of branded drugs, essential for a raising market value.


Given this context, it is also a ripe opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in the pharma business by opening a franchise pharma company in India. With high returns, this is great opportunity for new entrants as well. There are many benefits of opening a pharma franchise. Here are our top reasons:

1. Be your own boss

The foremost reason for opening up your own franchise is the spirit of entrepreneurship, of wanting to be one’s own boss. This is not just about setting one’s own rules and timings. It is also about creating an organization you can be proud of. True entrepreneurs start with an idea and build an organization that can inspire others. It is your chance to make a difference and chart your own course!

2. Risk avoidance

A franchise is often seen as a shortcut to owning one’s business. That’s because someone has already done the hard work for you! As a franchise pharma company in India you can choose from the many successful pharma companies. You can also choose your own terms.

Some companies offer maximum risk cover, while some will give you partial cover. Some companies offer support in terms of property, marketing and more, while some leave all sales activities to you. In either case, you avoid many of the risks associated with starting a business, such as R&D, setting up the brand etc. Franchises also have the option of returning unsold stock, avoiding losses thereof.

3. Keep your returns

While you avoid many of the risks, your share in profit will be substantial. After deducting the parent company’s share, the returns are completely yours to do with as you please. There is no waiting for salary slips or bonuses. Instead you can reap the benefits of your labour yourself. You can use it to further grow the business. Many franchise owners start with one centre and expand to several other centers. Many pharma companies offer special packages for entrepreneurs who want to expand further.

4. Operational support

A franchise can be a sweetheart deal. While you do avoid the risks, you get invaluable operational support from the parent company. Since you represent their brand, a parent company will train you and ensure a functioning organizational set-up. This is particularly useful for a new entrepreneur who needs support to begin with. Many parent companies will completely set-up the franchise, leaving you to run the place. Some also undertake staff training at regular intervals.

5. Growing market

Ultimately, the reason for investing in any market is to ensure that one gets good returns. Market survey is critical in this. Indian markets offer an ideal opportunity to invest because of the high demand. With rising incomes and health consciousness, this demand will only go up. In fact, the Indian market is close to developed markets when it comes to growth potential. All this means that your investment has chances of excellent returns.

6. Plenty of choices

For budding entrepreneurs looking for new investments, the Indian market also gives them many choices. There are companies in every sector – from big companies to the SME sector – that are looking for entrepreneurs to expand their base. The portfolios are also wide enough to suit any philosophy, from generic drugs to Ayurveda. You can choose according to market demands, your own believes or the brand value.

7. Government support

The government has time and again reiterated its commitment to create a healthy business environment by encouraging new entrepreneurs and businesses. It has started various programs like Startup India, Make in India etc to encourage Indian business. Apart from this, there is also financial and government support.


With the success of the Indian pharma industry, it is the right time to open a franchise pharma company in India. There are many benefits associated with this – from being one’s own boss to benefitting from a rapidly growing market.

Why You Need The Best PCD Pharma Company

The Indian pharmaceutical market is right now at an aggressive maker building stage. As the international market goes through rapid change, the demographics are also being completely inverted. While the companies from developed market are losing ground, companies from developing economies like India are taking up their space.

pcd pharma companies

India is a major player in this transformation. Part of this is the best PCD pharma companies you find here. These propaganda-cum-distribution companies often work with smaller companies. Charged with the marketing and distribution, these are the perfect partners of companies that cannot afford or do not have the expertise of a focused marketing thrust.

The question for many smaller companies is whether they should go for partnering, given their small scale. Yet, this is a win-win situation for both, just as it should be in a perfect partnership. While the PCD company uses its expertise with a proven product, the benefits for a small company are too many to ignore.

Popularizing the brand: Smaller companies can ill afford to launch a focused branding campaign. Many are even unaware that they have a brand! They see this as a largely Big Pharma concern. Yet, the fact is that every company has a brand and it is up to them to make it a household one. In fact, social media and the Internet has given even the smaller players a better opportunity to achieve this.
A PCD company has the expertise to leverage a brand. They understand how different channels can be used to identify and then target the right consumer. It is one of their primary jobs with a small company.

Increase market share: One of the biggest problems facing smaller companies is their inability to expand their consumer base. They cannot match bigger companies aggressive marketing and are often confined to few users in a given market. By hiring the best PCD pharma company they have a much better chance of increasing their visibility, doctor recommendations and availability, thereby creating a higher volumes in sales.

Entering a new market: Their handicap is especially worse in a new market where they have almost no support. Yet, smaller companies have found a way to compete globally! This has been because of PCD companies with expertise in such markets. Many PCD companies have reach in more than one market and are perfectly poised to expand the brand.

Connecting with the buyer: Often as sellers we think we understand the buyer, but that is often not the case. Even in a given population, preferences change with time, gender and class. This is why big companies spend millions in propaganda. This is equally true for pharmaceutical companies.

Only smaller companies rarely have the wherewithal to carry out such exercises. This is why they often lose out to competition which comes up with features like better packaging or a simple modification. Since their job is propaganda, the best PCD pharma companies always keep a track of consumer expectations and changing trends.

Professional support: Carrying out PR and distribution is specialized work. While the former requires skill, the latter also requires some logistical support. For small companies it is not always possible to invest in professional help. Hiring a PCD company gives them access to both services in one go.

Judicious use of resources: Small companies always have a crunch of resources. A drug manufacturing companies already spends a considerable amount of manpower on R&D and manufacturing processes. Running an aggressive propaganda grogram along with ensuring an efficient distribution system often spreads these resources too thin. A PCS company offers the perfect solution. By partnering with outside help, we can free our own resources and use them where required.

Economical: In the end it all come shown to the economical benefit. After all, no business partnership can make any sense without it. With a PCD company we can get access to professional services, a means to expand our market and brand, while making sure that the distribution system can also keep up.


The best PCD pharma companies offer small companies an unparalleled opportunity to grow and develop our business. For drug manufacturers, they are the perfect means of ensuring an aggressive marketing and distribution system.

Hitting Gym VS Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Loss

Obesity has become a major problem of modern age. Obese people spend so much money on weight loss treatments yet don’t get satisfactory results. To initiate weight loss in natural way, ayurvedic medicine manufacturers bring something for you in this article. They will explain the best natural remedies to reduce weight at home without hitting gym! Read this article further to know about these remedies in detail.

Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers use these herbs

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Why the Franchise Pharma Company Sector is Booming in India

The Indian pharmaceutical sector is one of the most impressively growing industry. Globally it is the largest supplier of generic medicines with a 20% share. This share is only expected to grow with the UN-backed Medicines Patent Pool signing up with Desano, Hetero Labs, Emcure, Aurobindo, Cipla and Laurus Labs for producing generic anti-AIDS drugs for 112 developing countries.


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What Are The Essential Vitamins For Healthy Hair, Skin, And Nails

You want glowing skin and healthy nourished hair and strong nails and you may get it all if you take right amount of vitamins and minerals. Leading franchise pharma company in India is sharing this post to make you aware which vitamins are needed for well-nourished skin, lively hair and strong nails to get attractive looks.
The environment around us is harsh and contaminated with toxins, even the elements trying conspiring against us. Cold winds eating your face skin. You should be grateful that your skin or hair doesn’t talk because you might not like their cry.

How to be beautiful inside-out?

It’s easy if you love healthy food. You can become beautiful from within by quitting superficial products and methods to achieve glowing skin. You should start taking essential nourishment. There are several vitamins, minerals and extracts that boost your health in many ways and allow your body to function properly.

When it comes to improving your health and appearance, consuming correct vitamins can bring the best results.

Take Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the first vitamin to be discovered. It is required for cell growth and replenishment. Vitamin A helps slow the aging process and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A is widely used for treating acne.

If your hair seems dry and you got itchy skin, it shows that your body lacks in vitamin A. You must eat liver, fish oils, whole milk and egg yolk as these are great source of vitamin A. Orange, dark green fruits and vegetables like carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach are also good for consumption of vitamin A.

Take Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex includes vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. These vitamins are water-soluble and nourish cells. You can easily treat your brittle nails, enhance skin elasticity and boost hair growth with vitamin B complex.

Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also a key contributor to health and beauty. It supports skin elasticity by building collagen, reducing sagging, and smoothing wrinkles. Antioxidant vitamin C fights skin damage and protects cells.

There are special multivitamin tablets available in the market. If you want to take medication for your glowing skin and lively hair, you can contact Pharma Company or drug dealer and avail quality tablets for multivitamin.

Leading Franchise Pharma Company in India is supplying premium quality multivitamin drugs across the world. You can write your requirements to them if you are seeking any business opportunity.

Ayurveda—Benefitting Lives in Many Ways

Ayurveda is a blessing in a disguise. Our ancestors use to cure themselves by using natural resources and that was the reason behind their long life and good health. We always hear from our relatives that our fore fathers used to walk several miles when they were in their sixties or seventies, their eyesight was so fine till they passed away etc. These are the wonders of what they ate and because of the natural products they used.

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