Hitting Gym VS Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Loss

Obesity has become a major problem of modern age. Obese people spend so much money on weight loss treatments yet don’t get satisfactory results. To initiate weight loss in natural way, ayurvedic medicine manufacturers bring something for you in this article. They will explain the best natural remedies to reduce weight at home without hitting gym! Read this article further to know about these remedies in detail.

Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers use these herbs

A glass of warm water and natural honey

In the morning, you need to drink a glass of warm water by mixing one teaspoon of honey on empty stomach. You need to follow this remedy every morning as a first task of your day.

Results will be delivered in few months.

Lemon juice in warm water

If you want to see the results faster, you can try lemon juice in warm water and drink it on empty stomach. It’s your choice if you want to add black salt in lemon water.

Have salad with meal

Eat tomato and onion salad with meal every day. Add salt and lemon on the salad for better results.

Prepare a kadha of geloy and triphala

Prepare Geloy or guduchi and triphala (a blend of amla, bhibitaki, and haritiki in equal amount) mixture. Drink this kadha by adding a spoon of natural honey. This will help you in shedding fat from your body naturally.

Make a kadha of triphala, trikatu and trimad

Trikatu is a mix of kali mirch, pippali and adrak in equal amount. Trimad is a combination of chitrak, nagarmotha, and bidang. Mix this decoction and add guggul and drink it.

Prepare a dish of arand leaves

By eating arand dish every day, you can reduce your weight naturally.

  • Prepare powder of bidang, sonth, upakhaar, jav, and amla
  • Blend these ingredients and use this powder with natural honey for best results.

Eat pineapple

Pineapple fruit also helps in reducing weight. You can take pineapple juice or slice every day to notice the results.

Watermelon juice for shedding extra pounds

Watermelon helps in losing body fat without effort. It is free of fat and contains bit calories and cholesterol. You can add some rock salt to watermelon juice for more weight loss health benefits.

Go vegan

Eat vegetables and fruits and quit meat and non vegetarian diet if you want to lose weight. If you are vegetarian and still want to lose weight, you can add more salad and fruits to your routine diet.

Herbs and natural foods always help in cleansing your body from inside. Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers use these herbs to prepare their medicines for weight loss.

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